Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Fresh Update on Our House Buying

Ok. We just got done signing escrow papers finally! It's such a relief to have that done. Now we just wait a little longer until the city and escrow work through the paper work to make it officially recognized. I'm not exactly sure how long that will take but I've been told it will probably be a few days. We may delay our move until the end of the month so that we can remove the cottage cheese/asbestos ceilings from the house. The only bummer is our house payment will be $200 dollars more than we were originally quoted. We could have fought to get it back down but that would've delayed our purchase by 2 weeks and the sellers would have cancelled well before the two weeks were up. They continued to threaten to cancel about every other day, with the last threat being yesterday. This is what made all this so stressful for Mike and I. Living under constant threat of a broken deal made the last few weeks suck a lot. Had they cancelled they could have kept $8000 dollars of our earnest money. YIKES! Thank God that didn't happen. While I'm NOT excited about the extra $200 bucks a month I am glad this is all over and I can finally let myself get excited about our new home!! Thanks for caring guys. I love you.