Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stay At Home Mom-ness

I've heard it said that the love a mother has for her children is the deepest type of human love one can experience on this earth. I would have to say, as far as I know, that's true. At least for me. It's worth all the garbage women have to endure in this world.
In the spirit of loving my kiddies I'd like to write a little about each of them. Let's start with my Rose. She turned one May 31st and I would say the words that best describe her would be intuitive, happy and tenacious. This is mine and Rose's honeymoon phase. We giggle and play and sure she bites me from time to time but then she shoots me that three toothed, wrinkled nose, shoulder shrugging grin and amnesia sets in. She is not a huge fan of large groups, loud overbearing greetings or strangers. In the absence of these things there is nothing to quench the beauty that illuminates her jack-o-lantern smile.

Next, Josiah. He is pretty much one of the coolest cats I have ever known. He is a natural charmer although he is still experimenting with what is charming and winsome and what is just annoying and rude. He figures it out pretty quickly in most situations, proof laying in the fact that at today's gathering he was the husband of about 3 of his female cohorts. He loves to be the hero but is also, hands down, the most compassionate three year old I have ever known. If someone could be an emotional genius I think it would be him. Now, I can't get too carried away here. He still has his tantrums and various discipline issues but even in the midst of those he is regularly asking for forgiveness and offering empathy to his discipliners... weird. My real challenge with him comes in the form of a little boy, energy, wiggles and roughness at the wrong places, with the wrong people at the wrong times. He is incredibly energetic and talkative. I honestly cannot keep up with this part of him. But I am learning and he is growing in self-control, so thankfully we are both on a journey to make life a little easier for one another.
While I do look forward to the day I start my career out there in the big world, I would rather die than swap these precious years with my kiddos. Eventually, when the time is right, I'll get myself back into school to pursue my doctorate in psychology, but until that day I will be present in this moment, enjoying Rose and Josiah.

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  1. they both sound amazing and wonderful. I remember Josiah being many of those things you described here when you lived in Oly.
    I agree with you also about loving this time and being present in the moment, so many things I could be occupying myself with right now, but I choosing to soak in every single moment of these precious lives. I learn so much from them each day, it is amazing.